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Potential and Limitations — Dr. Ganka Kroumova

Potential and Limitations


When applied by duly trained doctors, homeopathy has a great potential. It often proves to be efficient where other treatment methods are of no help.

If I use generally accepted terms, I would say that it can treat people with all kind of diseases; no matter they are classified as internal, nervous, psychic, surgical, oncologic, pediatric, or infectious. However, one should remember that homeopathy does not treat the particular diseases, but the individual as a whole!

Homeopathy is a very good method for prophylactics and maintenance of good health. Through its implementation, “minor” functional disorders and complaints can be corrected long before the appearance of serious diseases and pathologic changes in the organs, thus stopping the diseases in their very onset. I suppose most of us happened to experience inner discomfort, and that we “kind of feel not very good”, and at the same time our objective laboratory and physical examinations do not show anything disturbing. This is exactly the time to take care of our health. Our body does not lie to us, and if we learn to listen to and pay the necessary attention to it, we will save a lot of suffering.

By balancing the mental and emotional conditions, the homeopathic treatment helps to impede the course of process towards development of pathologic changes of tissues.

One most valuable property of homeopathy is that with children it enables early correction of some unfavorable and troublesome tendencies, such as frequent infections: otitis, bronchitis, pneumonias; misbehavior; growth impediment; bed-wetting etc. By appropriate treatment at early age the impact of serious diseases suffered by previous generations, such as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, syphilis or gonorrhea, can be reduced or completely eliminated.

It is only homeopathy that offers efficient treatment of conditions of acute stress in children and adults – excessive fright, loss of close relative, etc.

Homeopathic remedies are successively applied during pregnancy and child-birth, and during the post-maternity period, if required. For women in climacterium homeopathy can offer efficient help as well.

With seriously and fatally ill males, it can ease their pain and prolong the life.

Homeopathy is also well accepted in veterinary medicine, and at that in the whole range of medical conditions of animals, with therapeutic capacity close to that in people. Precious advantage of homeopathic remedies to allopathic ones is that they do not accumulate in meat and milk, as it happens with antibiotics. Moreover, they are cheaper.

With its type of impact and results, homeopathy has significant advantages to allopathy, as well as in certain aspects, to some other methods of treatment:

  • It recovers to health the whole person by encompassing all his complaints, and not only individual symptoms and “illnesses”
  • It treats and removes the cause of the illness, and does not just suppress its symptoms.
  • It has no age limitations and contraindications.
  • Homeopathic remedies are no toxic and they do not accumulate in the organism as the common (allopathic) medicines.
  • No remedy dependency and addiction is developed.
  • Homeopathic remedies does not simply introduce certain chemical substances in the organism, as is the case with allopathic remedies, but they stimulate its defensive strength, and treatment runs in a natural way in conformity with the laws of nature.
  • Due to the specific type of action of homeopathic remedies, in case of infectious diseases, the pathogenetic microorganisms cannot acquire resistance to them, as is the case with antibiotics.
  • Homeopathy can treat consequences of physical traumas occurred long ago – months or even years ago (e.g. bed-wetting as a result of strong distress, fright neurosis after blockade in a lift, headache or epilepsy after trauma in the head, etc.)
  • The homeopathic examination and treatment enable people to pay more attention to some aspects of their life unnoticed till then. Thus, homeopathy contributes to a kind of greater awareness and responsibility to one’s own self.
  • Homeopathic treatment is cheaper in long-term sense.
  • When homeopathic remedies are produced, no harmful substances are emitted in the environment – that is, their production is environmentally pure and spares natural resources. According to information of the German Homeopathic Union use of homeopathic remedies can save up annually billions of euros in Germany only.
  • In case of everyday situations its application is easily learned and gives quick results: colds and grippe-like illnesses, some traumas, etc.


Homeopathy is not a panacea for all human sufferings, and as any treatment method it has limitations. It is important that each method is applied when it is most useful to the sick. In many cases of traumas or advanced pathology, a surgical intervention is preferred and inevitable, but even then homeopathic remedies can be of great help as well. Sometimes it is also necessary to infuse blood or special solutions, as well as performance of other saving life actions.

Homeopathy cannot compensate the lack of an organ and its function – for example, when the thyroid gland is removed, or in case of insulin depending diabetes, the patients must continue to take the hormones their organism needs, respectively of the thyroid gland, and the pancreas. With people on hemodialyses, it is also not expected to have the kidneys restored and elimination of its necessity. However, the thing that it can achieve in such cases is to improve the confidence and tonus of the sick and alleviate their conditions, as well as impede the development of any complications, which is surely in no way insignificant.