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Life is a constant change — Dr. Ganka Kroumova

Life is a constant change

Everything in life changes. If we take the solar system, we will see that planets perform their ecliptic movement around the Sun. We can see the same movement in an atom. As the Sun is centre of our solar system, so is nucleus the centre of an atomic system. This movement is everywhere around us and within us. Both are products of nature. Through these vibrations we can see, hear and feel our world. We see because of the vibrations of light. We hear when something vibrates. We will sense something when our nerves catch a vibration coming from outside. A vibration, or waves, present in the world configures forms and our body as well. These very waves represent a stream of electrons. The activity of these waves causes the formation of electromagnetic fields. The fields themselves allow making up electrocardiograms and electroencephalography. The sonar system of a videoson operates in the same way.

Sаmuel Hahnemann was a physician. He composed the main principles of Homeopathy. In his time, physicians used to treat patients with some very toxic medicines. Hahnemann made something exceptionally great without knowing the essence of electromagnetic fields. He dissolved poisonous medicines in distilled water thus reducing the amount of these substances almost to nothing. He then vigorously shook the remedy (an act called potentization), what activated the magnetic field of water which recorded the vibration frequency of the substance dissolved therein. He called the electromagnetic field, which had a precisely defined frequency, vital force.

Homeopathy is a science about how electromagnetic fields function in real life. Homeopathy makes use of the electromagnetic waves of minerals, metals, plants, animal toxins, acids and other items of nature, such as bacteria, body secretions. Thereafter, these waves are absorbed by the water molecules, which transfer them to the body cells. These waves work for the body only if they are similar. If they are different, they do not come together and nothing happens. An example for the latter is neutrino and the Earth meeting in the Universe. Neutrino runs through the Earth but it does not recognize it because of the different waves they have. Homeopathy is a completely delicate way to restore our health, because homeopathy never applies violence. We find two things alike, e.g. remedy and body, and we place them on the road of love, so they merge and create something new.

Why I did become a homeopath? I worked as a nurse in a hospital for 12 years. There I came to know that allopathic medicine considers people an object of activity. Individuality is of no significance and treatment is a scheme. I know that I learned a lot from corpses, but thereafter I had to apply my knowledge on living people. I became aware that human body is something more than a biochemical structure. I wanted to help people by honoring people, their eternal divine nature, and life in general. In 1990 I began as a bioenergy- and phytotherapist. The experience I acquired allowed me to understand what Hahnemann had in mind when he spoke about power of healthy body. My knowledge of the electromagnetic bond between the body cells formed the basis of my understanding of homeopathy. In 1997 I graduated from the College of Classical Homeopathy in London. There I acquired in-depth knowledge of human health and everyday life problems. As I met a lot of people, saw many destinies, so I understood how Homeopathy helped them.

Homeopathy treats people as a unity between body, mind and thoughts. For me these three things are in fact body, soul and spirit. I am grateful to Samuel Hahnemann, who created this perfect system for recovery of health. Though, Doctor Hahnemann says in his major work “Organon of the Medical Art” that he thanked God who had actually given him this system.