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History of Some Cases at The Background of My Beliefs — Dr. Ganka Kroumova

History of Some Cases at The Background of My Beliefs

According to homeopathy illnesses have two ways to leave our body

When Samuel Hahnemann wrote his basic book „The Organon of the Medical Art”, he gave the definition about what is the right approach to cure an illness. This approach is: “Cure quickly, gently and permanently is doctor’s vocation, but don’t build theoretical system and don’t try to explain the phenomenon”. In paragraph 23 he tells us why allopathic treatment cannot restore our vital force and on the contrary, after a short improvement, symptoms increase. Now we know that there are two exit ways for them to leave our body. One is from head to limbs, and the second is from within (the organs) outwards (the skin). Therefore, every homeopath can improve the vital force.

Overcoming of problems

The most serious problem of the allopathic treatment is symptom suppression. Hahnemann foresaw this by founding the principles of Homeopathy. However, in his time treatment through suppression of the symptoms was not so well studied as it is today. The most difficult problems for Homeopathy to overcome are related to this suppression. Because of the suppression I have to many times take hard decisions to solve my cases. Sometimes it refers to previous treatment with cortisone, other time – with antibiotics. For example, a young woman who had asthma for 4 years was constantly taking cortisone and histamine as the problem remained unsolved. I began with cortisone in homeopathic doses. In a month she was better, but she still had heavy breathing in cold and wet weather. The next remedy was histamine, of course, in a homeopathic dose. She was in very good shape in a course of 6 months. After that, the histamine was replaced by Ph.ac. 6C and in the recent 6 months everything is correct.

It can help

Homeopathy can be of help in every case of chronic and acute illnesses. Patients of all ages can be cured. Pregnant women and infants can feel healthy without the side effects of the other types of treatment. This is one very good method to cure every psychological problem. Homeopathy is a perfect treatment for protection from and treatment of grippe. This means that homeopathy can fight viruses very well.

History of some cases in my practice

  • 42 year old female with a bleeding between the brain and her skull after a heavy ski accident. She was in a comma for 20 minutes. Since then she had serious headache with dizziness. Her first remedy was Arnica LM1. It took effect for 2 months. The headache and her dizziness had already disappeared when her legs began to weaken as if beginning to get paralyzed. Second remedy was Gelsemium 30C. And the problem with her legs was also overcome. After an X-ray examination it was found out that the problem with the bleeding in her brain had been totally overcome.
  • 73 year old woman with rheumatic arthritis and terrible night pains. Her first remedy was Mercurius met. 6C. It helped her for 4 months. Pains became very rare. At that time she had her blood examined what showed very low level of iron. She was weak with hard breathing. Ferrum met LM1 helped her to be in good shape in a month.
  • 24 year old woman who cannot become pregnant and in a course of 2 years suffered from the syndrome of Hashimoto. One year and a half she took L-tyroxine. That is why she first took L-tyroxine 30C. In 3 months she got well, but did not conceive. When she passed on to Ignatia 10M, she got pregnant in that month.
  • 4 year old boy keeping a temperature of 37.5°C for a long time, faintness, dejection and anemia. A single remedy was used – Phosphoricum acidum 200C. Temperature fell after 2 days and at the end of the month the boy already had no anemia.
  • 54 year old male, alcoholic, with headache accompanied by dizziness and decreased erection. Nux.vomica 30C stopped the headache and dizziness. The wish for alcohol drastically decreased. 5 months later his erection got normal.
  • 28 year old male, a climber, who had an accident and had his hamstring torn. The knee joint was very weak and it slipped from time to time in the wrong direction like a drawer. At first he took Arnica 1M and then this “slipping” was almost gone. The second remedy was Phosphorus 10M as his knee recovered.
  • 29 year old female with dysmenorrheal and profuse menstrual flow. When it hurt she always bent in two. She felt better when she took Colocynthis 1M for 3 months.